We are an Australian based business, owned and managed by two former German cyclists who came to Australia a couple of years ago.

Why did we launch podiumbikeparts.com? Bikes & bicycle parts are our passion - we were both racers for quite some time and have later been working several years for bicycle companies in Europe and Australia. When racing whilst still being students, our budgets were always tight (not claiming this has changed…) scraping together the last bucks to replace a worn out tyre, to be able to race on the weekend. So we know what it means to hunt for the best possible deal on your bike parts.

And why should you buy from us?

Because we are very speedy with deliveries & the price is fair. Just imagine: the weekend is approaching fast and the bunch will race down to the coffee shop - while you stand on the side of the road with your battered & now punctured tyre. Spares got to be available – fast and not in two or three weeks time. Shop with us today and most times, you'll have your parts the next business day.

We ourselves never enjoyed waiting for weeks - so why should you?

Finally we’re not pretending to be a big player - but we perform a hassle free service, with a distinct personal touch to everything we do at podiumbikeparts.com. The products we sell, have generally proven to be top of the class in valid tests performed by engineers in the German TOUR magazine (Europe's No.1 cycling magazine). The TOUR magazine test procedures have basically become an industry standard for all big manufacturers, since they are accepted as the most advanced and rigorous testings performed.

Let us take care of your new spare parts and you go ride & race bikes. That’s what we’re all here for, aren’t we?

If you’re keen to share your thoughts, please feel invited to email us: sales@podiumbikeparts.com