July 16, 2012

Pro Tech: Bradley Wiggins trusts new TUNE hubs

TUNE: We recently saw Bradley Wiggins of Team SKY using what is rumoured to be a prototype version of the new Shimano 11-speed freehub body for the ultralight Tune hubs. As you can see in the photo on left (BikeRadar.com), he was still running on a 10-speed cassette during the Dauphine stage race.
But accordingly, the hub has been supplied to the team with an 11-speed body for further testing which insists that spacers were used to fit this cassette. The MIG150 hub comes in at only 150g due to its carbon reinforcements and a very trick CNC machined hubshell. Also the front hub is a beautiful piece of engineering - please go to href="http://www.cyclingnews.com/features/photos/tech-bradley-wiggins-ultralight-climbing-wheels-and-more-dauphine-bikes/226507">cyclingnews to check them out.

We are currently looking into how to best offer you TUNE hubs, meanwhile check out our other great TUNE products.