November 16, 2012

832gr Wheelset from TUNE


  The Skyliner wheelset from TUNE can probably be considered the lightest wheelset out there. The combined weight for front and rear wheel comes in at just 832gr (claimed 825gr). This incredibly low weight is only possible through the use of the new Mig45/Mag150 hubs from TUNE in combination with a full carbon tubular rim from Ax-Lightness.
The hubs have an alloy/carbon shell which reduces the weight significantly, compared to any other light set of hubs (front hub 46gr / rear hub 156gr). The wheels we have seen had 20/24 spokes. We are keen to receive any facts&figures from testings, especially in regards to stiffness. The official rider weight limit is 80kg for this set, which is plenty. But for a small weight penalty, the weight limit can even be lifted to 95kg. A set of Skyliners will retail in Australian stores for around $3000.