September 12, 2012

Eurobike News: Continental 2013

Friedrichshafen/Germany: In summary, there aren't revolutionary news coming from Conti for 2013. The company is known for product continuity. Most known models will form part of their range in 2013, like the GP4000s or Competition tubular. The much anticipated tubular version of the Force & Attack combo will arrive + the new CycloXKing cross tyre enters the market. Continental believes that specific front and rear tyres can make a difference, especially in changing road conditions (Mix of wet and dry roads). With the Force & Attack system going tubular, it's the appropriate response to satisfy the customer demanding this option for many deep dish carbon wheels. Although the measurable effects of this tubular setup are yet to be proven in independent tests. We will report once there are facts released on rolling resistance, wet-grip, etc.. There is yet not an official price point, but one can expect the price to be on par with the Continental Competition. Interestingly, Continental doesn't seem to be too interested in the tubeless road tyres market yet.
The growing cyclo cross sector has caused increased interest in cross tyres from all manufacturers. Conti's latest answer is the CycloXKing which is claimed to be an allround genius that suits faster, dry & harder surfaces very well. The CycloXKing sounds like the perfect option for many Australian cyclo cross fans, who are used to riding on dirt & gravel roads during the spring/summer season, but don't mind the tarmac too. Please check the Conti website for specifications with prices to follow.